Episode #2 – Self-Perception


Welcome to Episode 2 of the Get in the G Zone podcast.

Today we’re going to focus on Self-Perception – and the things you can be grateful for when it comes to your self-perception. Quite simply, self-perception is the way you see yourself. If you have strong self-esteem, this may be a fairly easy exercise for you. If  your self-esteem is low – or could use a boost – you may need to dig a bit deeper to find those qualities or characteristics for which you feel genuine gratitude.

The surface things are what we notice first. Our appearance includes things like our hair, our manner of dress, our weight, our smile. It includes things like our voice, our posture, and the way we walk. But self-perception also includes how we see ourselves in terms of character traits. Confident – or lacking self-assurance. Funny – or serious. Able to take a joke – or easily embarrassed. Outgoing – or more introverted. None of these can be labeled right or wrong. These are just ways to describe how we show up in the world. If we want to change any of them, we can work on that. Our goal today, however, is to be grateful for who we are – our how we perceive ourselves to be – in this moment.

Of course, we’re all human, so we all have times when we’re a bit disappointed in the way we look or come across. If this is a regular challenge for you, I invite you to listen to this meditation for a few days in a row, until you can light on one or two or three things about yourself for which you are truly grateful.

Please listen. Please comment. Please share the G Zone with anyone you know who would benefit by incorporating more gratitude into their lives.


LAURA ORSINI is a social alchemist who strives to influence people to be their best selves and live their best lives. She is an author, speaker, publisher, and podcaster who focuses on gratitude and all the benefits it can bestow in our lives. Find her book, Get in the G Zone: Develop a Gratitude Attitude so You Can Win in Life, and its accompanying journal on her website,