Episode #1 – Why Gratitude?

Welcome to the Get in the G Zone podcast

The word gratitude comes from the Latin word gratus, which means “thankful” or “agreeable” or “welcome” or “beloved.” Therefore, at its core, to be grateful means to have appreciation or express thankfulness.

And most of us are familiar with the concept of being “in the zone.” This also is described as “the flow,” a state of awareness where time disappears and you are one with whatever activity you are performing at the moment. Athletes experience it, as do artists and entrepreneurs. It is a feeling of harmony when the work or activity is effortless. In this mental state, we producer our greatest results.

Even if you have to go back to your teen years or childhood, chances are you can remember at least one instance when you were so caught up in what you were doing that you lost track of all time. It might have been romping outside with friend, playing dress-up or creating a fantasy world, running track, searching for shells at the beach, drawing a picture, riding a horse, skipping stones on a pond, or watching turtles at the zoo. It might not have been a monumental activity, relative to life accomplishments, but it was important to you at the time, so much so that it caught your attention, occupied you, and allowed all other things to fall away.

Articles, books, videos, and seminars have been dedicated to the concept of getting into the zone – giving people a way to find that focus and harmony virtually on demand.

The “G” Zone – or the gratitude zone – is a bit different, in that you’ll probably retain your sense of where you and what you’re doing. But it’s similar in that it is a thing – a feeling – you can learn to access at will.

The “G” Zone is a place you can go anytime you need an energy boost, a reminder that things are more good than bad, a pick-me-up on hearing bad news, a motivator when you find yourself in a rut, or a place to celebrate the many gifts you will find life showering on you as soon as you start making gratitude a habit and regular practice in your life. 

Generally speaking, grateful people are healthier and wealthier; they sleep better, they have lovelier relationships, and they tend to enjoy life more than people who don’t have a baseline of gratitude.

The problem is that most of us default to low-vibration emotions like anger, fear, guilt, blame, and shame. For most people, gratitude is not their native behavior. The good news is that gratitude can be learned.

The goal of this podcast is to explore ways to bring more gratitude into our lives. Six episodes per week will incorporate a meditation of sorts around a specific topic. On Thursdays, we’ll shift things to include interviews with gratitude experts and/or conversations where I just share my thoughts on gratitude as it pertains to whatever is top of mind for me at the moment.

Please listen. Please comment. Please share the G Zone with anyone you know who would benefit by incorporating more gratitude into their lives.


LAURA ORSINI is a social alchemist who strives to influence people to be their best selves and live their best lives. She is an author, speaker, publisher, and podcaster who focuses on gratitude and all the benefits it can bestow in our lives. Find her book, Get in the G Zone: Develop a Gratitude Attitude so You Can Win in Life, and its accompanying journal on her website, GetInTheGZone.com.