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Episode #49 – The Internet

Welcome to Episode 49 of the Get in the G Zone podcast. Never one to shy away from an enormous subject – too big to do more than just touch on – I want to use to today’s meditation to explore gratitude for the internet. What do you think of when you hear the word […]

Episode #48 – Hugging

Welcome to Episode 48 of the Get in the G Zone podcast. I’m going to go out on a limb here and venture that you didn’t know today – January 21st – is National Hugging Day. That’s right – hugging. Like you do with a romantic partner, dog, or favorite stuffed animal. There are many […]

Episode #47 – Change Agents & Influencers

Welcome to Episode 47 of the Get in the G Zone podcast. It’s MLK Day, so today we are going to explore gratitude for influencers and change agents. Look up the term “change agent” on the Google and you’re likely to first see a lot of discussion about an individual who creates change within an […]

Episode #46 – Names

Welcome to Episode 46 of the Get in the G Zone podcast. Today our podcast meditation focuses on names. The definition of the word name is fairly simple – a word or group of words by which a person, place, or thing is known or referred to. The concept of naming, however, is so complicated […]

Episode #2 – Self-Perception

  Welcome to Episode 2 of the Get in the G Zone podcast. Today we’re going to focus on Self-Perception – and the things you can be grateful for when it comes to your self-perception. Quite simply, self-perception is the way you see yourself. If you have strong self-esteem, this may be a fairly easy […]